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The Open Wheel,
Goma Cycling Clubs &
Theatre in the Mill present


Welcome to Goma introduces you to Goma Cycling Clubs a cycle group in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The installation is celebration of the universality of cycling and thrill of the open road on two wheels.

In 2019 we supported The Open Wheel and the club to create a 360 VR installation. Presented at TiM SQ we invited audiences of all ages to climb onto a customised static pedal bike, don a VR headset and experience the thrill of being within the peloton of Goma Cycling Club.

Seven months later TiM and the Open Wheel catch up with GCC and are thrilled to host the installation online!

Below are also some short videos about both some big success and how Goma Cycling Clubs are preparing fro Covid-19.


Trailer for Welcome to Goma (see below for full film)


Welcome to Goma introduces you to Goma CC a cycle group in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a brilliant, uplifting and emotional ride. With its ground-breaking film making process, this 13 minute film is a self-portrait of a cycle club and a city living in the shadows of a volcano, conflict and poverty. A short film with a massive heart.

The film has been produced, edited and directed by The Open Wheel in collaboration with GCC members who have done all the filming, sound recording, interviews and storytelling and have shot it beautifully.

It has been a brilliant project to be involved with and has resulted in a beautiful and uplifting short film of 13 minutes


This short film tells the encouraging story of Daniel Ishara, one of the club's best riders who has just signed for one of Rwanda's top pro teams, Benediction Ignite along with his friend and fellow countryman Loïc.

The Race

In Welcome to Goma we see some images from a road race in Rwanda. The Race provides the full narrative of the event that took place in July 2019 from the perspective of Arsene. At the time, the club were training in Rwanda in preparation for the Tour du Congo along with other members of the national team. This film however is not just about the race, but seeks to show the efforts made by the club to support their riders and compatriots as well as framing the club's journey on their preparation for the upcoming tour.

GCC Prepares for COVID-19

Given the urgency and relevancy of the current coronavirus pandemic we also wanted to give people a chance to see how this is affecting the club here in Goma. Charles Guy takes centre stage as he talks through the briefing the riders have received on how they can stay safe and encourage others to do the same.

Prudent & Miguel

Meet Goma Cycling Club's triathletes as the pair reflect on past events and Miguel prepares for his first ever Olympic distance event at the African Cup across the border in Rwanda.


Meet Benjamin, the club's mechanic. One of the founding members of the club and part of the crew that took GCC to their first Tour du Congo, Benjamin dreams of one day having his own workshop.



The Open Wheel
Goma Cycling Clubs

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