Women's Comedy Workshop

Women’s Comedy Workshop 2020

Have you got much planned for July 2020? No?

Well, join us for the Women’s Comedy Workshop. Online. 

In July, we will be bringing women together to laugh, have fun and be generally outrageous. But, this time, we’ll be doing so online.

This means that ‘Women’s Comedy Workshop’ facilitators – Natalie and Sophie – will be setting a series of comedy challenges, which you can do at home. They will also be leading four workshops on Zoom, where you can develop ideas with the support of other women. By the end, you’ll have a notebook full of funny material, and a network of women supporting you (in a socially distant way). 


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This project recognises the fundamental inconsistency of comedy: you’re all on your own, but you owe your success to the audience – a group. By blending individual tasks with online collaboration, we will encourage, challenge and inspire you to discover what we already know: YOU are funny… even during lockdown. 

Natalie is a PhD candidate at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she is researching women’s empowerment through comedy. Sophie is an experienced education facilitator, with an interest in comedy and power. 

The workshops are suitable for anyone that identifies as a woman some or all of the time, and is over the age of 18. No previous performance experience is necessary. 

To apply, please read this information sheet and fill out this application form. Please note, we are now only accepting applications from Women of Colour. This includes anyone who experiences marginalisation in society due to their ethnicity or nationality, and identifies as a woman some or all of the time.

Applications are open from now until 26 June.

All applicants must be 18 or over.

If you have any questions, email Natalie on N.Diddams@mmu.ac.uk.

The dates of the workshops are:

Saturday 4 July

Saturday 11 July

Saturday 18 July

Saturday 25 July

(1.30pm to 4.30pm)