New Grant

tech play learn

Deadline: Monday 4th May

What It’s For

T/P/L is a new grant from Theatre in the Mill for artists who are interested in developing a new technical or digital skill that might have a positive impact on their practice. We are particularly keen to support artists who might not have any previous experience of applying technical skills to their work. There are 8 grants of £1,000 available and we are endeavouring to make the application as simple and open as possible.

This grant is intended to support artists who would benefit from the opportunity to spend some dedicated time developing a new technical skill set. For example this might be a visual artist who would like to explore how coding could impact their practice, or maybe a poet looking to develop their podcasting skills, or a dance artist wanting to work within VR. It may well be something we hadn’t even thought about and that would be great.

The grant is not intended as a way to digitize or complete an already finished work. Nor, importantly, is there any requirement to create or produce content with the grant. This opportunity is specifically to offer you dedicated, paid time to develop new skills and find new potential avenues for creativity – with our support. This is not about output, or any end product. However if content is naturally produced and you want to share it, we will help you with that too. We would also encourage but not require artists to document their learning process so that it can be shared with other artists who may be interested in this area of exploration/expertise.


What You’d Get

Successful applicants will receive a £1,000 grant to pay for their development time. They will be supported with their learning, starting with a consultation to identify and provide the relevant technical kit best suited to the artist and their ambitions. We have a budget of up to £500 per successful applicant which we can use to purchase kit on your behalf and post it directly to you. This might be, for example, audio/voice recording kit, 360 video kit, Arduino/Raspberry Pi’s, Bi-naural recording kit, Ableton, or many more. Your use of this kit and time is self-directed, although we will support you with setting up the equipment and introductory sessions to explore potential applications. If that expertise does not exist within our own team, we’ve got a wide pool of talent from which to find a good mentor for you.


How To Apply

The award is open to anyone regardless of prior work, experience, or art form. Preference will be given to those that meet our core focus of supporting and amplifying marginalised or non mainstream voices and stories, and whose upskilling and development we feel we are best able to support.


If you want to apply either fill in the form below or record your answers (either audio or video) to the questions and send to with Tech Play Learn as the subject. If you’d like to chat about your application you can email Rich at, or join the TiM team at our Open Office on Zoom every weekday morning,10-11am.

Application closes at the end of the day on Monday 4th May and successful applicants will be informed by Friday 8th May. Click HERE to apply.