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Thank you for expressing an interest in the Women’s Comedy Workshop: Online!
Because this is new territory for all of us, we thought we’d put together an information sheet to make sure that – whether you’ve attended our comedy workshops before or not, you can be clear about what this project has to offer before you decide to apply.

What is the Women’s Comedy Workshop?

In a nutshell, the Women’s Comedy Workshop takes place at Theatre in the Mill. It invites women to experiment with comedy, humour and laughter in a safe and supportive environment, and organises comedy nights at which participants can perform.

Why is it going online?

Due to covid-19/the apocalypse, we are not able to operate in the same way as we usually would. So, we’re going to experiment with taking the project online. This is both exciting and nerve-wracking, and – if we’re completely honest – we don’t know exactly how it will work. However, we are up for the challenge, and are going to do our best to translate the playful and supportive spirit of the workshops for these socially distant times.

What will happen?

Natalie and Sophie (who are the Women’s Comedy Workshop’s main facilitators) will be setting a series of comedy challenges, which you can do at home. These challenges will come in the form of a workbook, which can be filled in at times that suit you during the
There will also be four workshops on Zoom, which will be taking place every Saturday in July (between 1.30pm & 3.30pm). At the workshops, you will be invited to talk about the activities that you have done during the week, and you will be given space to develop your ideas with the support of the other women in the group.
By the end of the project, you’ll have a notebook full of funny material, and a network of women supporting you (in a socially distant way).

What we need from you:

• Tech – while this might sound obvious, it is worth pointing out that we are working under the assumption that all participants will have access to the internet, and a computer, laptop or phone for the time of the workshops. If this will be a barrier to you applying, please get in touch. We may well be able to help.
• Flexibility – because we are stepping into the unknown, we need participants that are willing to come on the adventure with us. If an online project doesn’t sound fun to you, there will (we promise!) be more workshops in the future, so it might be better to wait, and apply once the lockdown is over.
• Time – we need you every Saturday in July! The workshops are our chance to put our collaborative spirit into action. We also need you to have some time in the week to complete your workbook exercises. However, when you do these and how long you spend on them is completely up to you.

How to apply:

The workshops are suitable for anyone that identifies as a woman some or all of the time, and is over the age of 18. No previous performance experience is necessary.
If you fancy joining us, please complete and return the application form. We pay close attention to what you write on the application form, to help us to build a group that we feel will work well together. So, the more that you can tell us, the better!

Please note: previous projects have always been over-subscribed, so get your applications in ASAP to avoid disappointment. Final Deadline is 30 May.
We will be in touch by email (by 6 June) to confirm whether or not we are able to give you a place. We will then send you the workbook, and any other information that you need prior to the first workshop.

If you have any questions, contact Natalie on / or by calling 07800884956.

Thanks for reading!