The Right Queer Right Now Weekender features six days of unapologetically bold, joyous and thought-provoking performance, film, food and party fun.


Right Queer Right Now celebrates contemporary queer arts and culture during LGBTQIA+ history month. The festival programme is intellectually smooth, emotionally chic and fashionably early in the year.
We are proud to present this line-up, filling Theatre in the Mill venues, and taking over the University of Bradford’s AmpBar to deliver a programme of talents from theatre-makers and more from right here in Bradford as well as across the UK.
Right Queer Right Now Festival Weekend Passes are sold in two categories and valid for only the weekend dates you have purchased.
If you wish to attend both weekend activities, you must have a ticket purchased for each weekend.
We have additional separate tickets for late night gathering and an open to general public of Marikiscrycrycry presenting GONER.
SIGN UP FOR WORKSHOPS IS ON THE DAY, we will monitor interest the demand for limited capacity activities, via a questionnaire to Weekender ticket holders, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience,

Saturday 24th February 2024

Black is inspirational. Black is powerful. Black is king.

Saturday night just got bigger as OUT OUT meets legendary drag king collective Pecs to bring their brand-new Black is King lineup to

Join us at Amp Bar for a celebration of Black drag kings from Pecs collective and beyond plus a special Bradford guest.

What to expect?

Black is King is a space to celebrate, rejoice and rage, to come together as a community and to platform legendary Black performers. This star studded lineup is hosted by Man Up finalist and gender bending drag ‘ting’ Shardeazy Afrodeziak, star of Pecsmas and Magic Dyke and will take audiences on a journey through some of the best in Black drag talent in the UK today.


CYRO an Blasian, queer, non binary drag king/ thing with work rooted in their ancestry, community and strength
Barry Baddass
Unknown Amazon
Pecs Drag Collective are an all female and non binary collective of drag kings and things. Established in London in 2013 they have performed nationally at Homotopia Festival, Liverpool, are regulars at Manchester Pride and have wowed and wooed audiences at their annual Christmas cabaret Pecsmas at Soho Theatre to sold out rooms.
Friday 1st March: South Asian Queer Joy
Doors – 8PM
Start Time – 8.20PM
Desi DJ’s, drag and dancing. A celebration of us and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the queer British Desi experience.

What to expect? Along with DJ’s, dancing and drag, we’ll create space for hanging out, catching up and getting creative.

As the first event of it’s kind we want to make space for everyone to feel welcome. The space will have a mixture of seats and standing spaces available, activities to partake in and a performance area.

Saturday 2nd March: CAMP SHOW

Doors – 7.00PM
Start Time – 7.30PM
Show finishes: 11pm

Are you ready to CAMP. IT. UP?

What is CAMP?

CAMP is the Coalition of Angry Macho Pussies, the pro Wrestling cabaret night you didn’t know you needed! CAMP is a collaboration between Rich Tea (Fist Club, Leeds Queer Wrestling) and Luca (Brokeback Yorkshire, King’s Chambers) who take cabaret and infuse it with the camp spectacular of pro wrestling. We’re here to change the cishet domination of the pro wrestling scene by platforming local queer wrestlers and the best of alternative drag in the North!

We are committed to giving queer performers the platform to CAMP. it. up by celebrating queer identity, joy and silliness! CAMP is a place to experiment, be weird, be authentic. The same goes for the audience – we want to bring together LGBTQ+ community in a joyful and spectacular way.

What to expect…

An actual wrestling ring showcasing matches, burlesque, drag acts, cut scenes in the crowd, audience interaction, ring babes of all/no genders, 2 hosts – one good, one evil, to guide you through the night. Prepare to cheer, boo and witness a night out you’ve never experienced before!

Sunday 3rd March: Goner – Marikiscrycrycry

Doors – 6.00PM
Start Time – 6.30PM duration 55mins no interval.
The Goner is someone who is doomed with no chance of survival—bound to death, a lost and hopeless case.

This work follows this figure on a sensuous, suspense-filled and fearsome choreographic journey into the psychological depths of the Goner’s horror.

What to expect…

Lightly touching on the topics of abuse, Caribbean migration, alienation, belonging, addiction, and violence, Goner is utilising the formal tools of solo authorship and the aesthetics of horror to create radical visual culture from the marginalised perspective, and to tease out and establish a Black tradition of horror for the live context. How do we look at culturally specific narratives against a backdrop of thrilling, bloody, and psychological horror?
Who knows
but there will be blood

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