A durational theatre show devised live.
The performance happens at the table with the narrative being conducted by the main performer & host Xavier de Sousa.



On Saturday 29th November in Home, a theatre in Manchester, the audience will be handed a menu upon arrival. The menu will lay out the running order of the show as well as the engagement rules. In a dinner party setting, lasting around 6 hours, participants will be invited to contribute to conversation. Simultaneously, visual artist Jade will be located in a studio in a different city, creating a manuscript-style installation to capture the live narrative of the dinner party.¬† You can follow the progress of Jade’s installation via the live stream below.¬†
REGNANT is Part 2 of a trilogy of works about belonging and collectivity. Following on from the form of previous show, POST, Xavier is interested in creating a durational theatre play with the audience in an on-going dinner party setting. REGNANT explores the environment of a dinner party at your local restaurant, where you often find an intersection of various social status at play: migrant and working-class waiters working zero-hour contracts, undocumented citizens cleaning and cooking behind the scenes, middle-class residents entertaining their families and large-income business owners who provide the space for all of them and dictate an identity within which all of the others play within.
The show will take place in Manchester, in form of a dinner party.
Simultaneously, a visual artist will create a manuscript-style installation.
You can follow how the conversation is taking shape by checking on the artwork’s progress throughout the 6-hour show, via the live stream below.

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