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THE GREAT three and a half(ISH) MONTHS OFF!!

The Great 3 and a half-ish months off (19 June 6:00 pm)

Open to adults and children.

The G3AAHMO Is a baking competition hosted on zoom and presented by all four of the Great British Bake Off hosts all at once

Using the ingredients from the list of 10 most hoarded items during the great lockdown panic buy, participants have 50 minutes to make whatever they want with whatever they have got. Each bake will be judged on appearance, how many panic bought items are used and how well you can convince the judges that what you have made something that is actually tasty šŸ˜‹

The prize: Ben’s baking equipment bundle (revealed shortly)

The event is open to only 8 participants. First come first serve.










If you would like to compete please email Ben at before 12/06/2020