Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) seeks to engage a suitably qualified individual, organisation or group of people to analyse the outcome/s of the Bradford cultural sector needs assessment and present its findings. 

 The Cultural Sector Needs Assessment Analyst (Analyst) will make sure we have all the information needed to design development programmes, commissioning criteria and audience development initiatives which respond uniquely to Bradford’s artists, communities and audiences. 

 You may (or may not) come from an academic, arts management, research or consultation background. Importantly, you will have the skills and experience to combine a wide range of data: from traditional arts data and research, to the content of creative outputs, to specific detail that comes from embedded consultation. 

 You will help BPH shape the enquiryscope existing data, and lead on distilling and presenting the information gathered in such a way that enables the consortium and project team to define the next stages of the project aligned with what Bradford’s creative sector needs. 

Contract period: Jan 20 to end March 2020 (analysis deadline) 

FeeA fixed fee of £3500. 

To include all professional fees, materials and travel to Bradford. Reasonable travel expenses for meetings and attendance at events, to be agreed with the Commissioning Producer. 

This is a freelance engagement and the Analyst will be responsible for payment of their own tax and national insurance payments. 


Please read the invitation for proposals information below. 


Send a proposal in any format you wish. For written proposals we would request no more than 2 pages of A4 (plus a CV if appropriate). Please make sure you tell us: 

  • Why you are interested in this project 
  • How your skills, experience and previous projects you have worked on link to the Key Tasks 
  • Briefly how you would approach this project and strategies/mechanisms you would employ 


We encourage applications from people who identify from backgrounds and experiences currently underrepresented in the arts (including, but not limited to: BAME, people with a disability or life limiting condition, working class, LGBT+). 

Proposals should be sent via email to BPH Commissioning Producer Lisa  

You are welcome to contact Lisa with questions about the project. 

Deadline: 16 December, 5pm  

After we have received all proposals we will get in touch for an informal meeting if we are interested in taking your proposal further. 

BPH Creative Consultation Plans 

We have identified, and are in the process of initiating, a number of activities that will form the cultural sector needs assessment. These are based on our commitment to going beyond what has happened before, putting creativity at the centre of all activities and providing new paid opportunities for artists at every stage of the project. 

Needs Analysis project period: Jan 20 to end March 2020. 

Estimated Timeline: 

Deadline for Analyst proposals16 December 19 

Setting the enquiry sessionearly Jan 20 

Scoping and data gathering period: Jan 20 

Briefing for all Bradford Poolsmid Jan 20 

Bradford Pools deliveredmostly in Feb 20 

Findings review with Creative Instigators: early March 20 

Deadline for final report and presentation to Consortiumend March 20 

Creative Consultations: 

Bradford Pools: 

A series of creative consultation events led by artists, activists and passionate advocates who have a real understand of, and have access to, a particular community. The Bradford Pools will have the space and resources for a depth of conversation often not possible in consultation processes.  

In addition, each of the consortium organisations will deliver a Pool with Bradford communities they are connected to. 

The Pool deliverers will be working in a range of artforms, and with different communities, and as such their findings will be presented in a wide variety of forms. The Needs Analyst will help support this process and ensure data is gathered in a useable form. 

Creative Instigators: 

Two practicing artists who will engage broadly with the artistic community of Bradford. Through talking, sharing, collaborating and creative enquiries they will understand the experience, passion and artistic ambitions of people living and working here and the support and infrastructure required to make creative careers a reality. Creative Instigators have been recruited on a 2day per week contract for 6 months to allow adequate time for these conversations. 

Analyst Key Tasks: 

  •  Scoping and data gathering 

We want to ensure that this project benefits from existing research that which has gone before.  The Analyst will research, collate and bring forward the vital learning from relevant initiatives in Bradford District (and further afield where appropriate) based on the ambitions of the project.  This is likely to include: local authority research and consultation, Audience Agency dataCPP project The Leap, and research and evaluation from other partners and arts organisations across the District. 

  •  A context to operate 

As well as analysing what data is already available, the Analyst will work with us to identify how our process builds on this, to provide new information and the depth of detail we require.  At the same time as enabling practical research strategies within the remit of this project. 

  •  Setting the enquiry 

In partnership with the project team, work with each of the commissioned Pool deliverers and Creative Instigators to identify the potential of their approach. The Analyst will have an important role in helping define the enquiry and provide practical guidance around questioning and the information we need to uncover and gather. 

They will also work with the Project Team to develop and define the enquiry for an online survey which will extend the reach of the consultation process.  

  •  Establishing a baseline 

BPH is determined to operate differently (sometimes radically so) to affect positive change on the live performance landscape in Bradford, bringing real value for the artists who live and work here. The Analyst will work with us to set the baseline against which we measure impact. 

  •  Distilling the data and identifying priorities 

The culmination of this project will be a short, accessible report for the Consortium which  

  • Distils the outcomes of this process into key information for the consortium 
  • Identifies recurring themes, needs and interests 
  • Proposes the important areas, questions and development priorities the project should seek to address (we are not expecting detail or proposals from the Analyst about how we address them) 
  • Provides practical suggestions around measuring impact against the baseline 

This should be provided as a written report as well as a presentation to the Consortium with question and answer session. The Analyst will work with the Creative Instigators to identify creative ways to share our findings with everyone who took part. 

About Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) 

BPH is led by 6 Bradford arts organisations (NPOs and independents) and is one of two place-based pilot projects initiated by Arts Council England (ACE). BPH will take a radical new approach to supporting and developing artists, the creation of new work and how people engage with live performance in the places they live. 

For an overview of BPH please see:  

More about ACE vision for Producing Hubs, please see:  


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