Invitation for proposals: 

Audience Insight



Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) seeks to engage an Audience Development Analyst/Specialist to work with us to deliver a new Audiences Project that will help set a baseline for the project, demonstrate the breadth and depth of engagement that artists in Bradford are achieving, advance understanding about audiences in the District and make this available for the benefit of everyone involved in live performance.


There is a fixed fee of £3,500.

To include all professional fees, materials and travel to Bradford. Reasonable travel expenses for meetings and attendance at events, to be agreed with the Commissioning Producer.
This is a freelance engagement and the Analyst will be responsible for payment of their own tax and national insurance payments.


We intend to engage the Analyst early February 2020 for the project to be completed at the beginning of May 2020.
Who we are looking for

We are interested to hear from individuals, organisations or groups of professionals who:

  • Have demonstrable audience development and insight experience
  • Understand the potential for rich and valuable learning that is not always captured in traditional approaches
  • Are excited by the opportunity to do things differently and test different ways of working
  • Have experience of working with small and unfunded artists and companies


Please read the invitation for proposals information below.

Send a proposal in any format you wish. For written proposals we would request no more than 2 pages of A4 (plus a CV if appropriate). Please make sure you tell us:

  • Why you are interested in this project
  • How your skills, experience and previous projects you have worked on link to this call out
  • Briefly how you would approach this project and strategies/mechanisms you would employ

We encourage applications from people who identify from backgrounds and experiences currently underrepresented in the arts (including, but not limited to: BAME, people with a disability or life limiting condition, working class, LGBT+).


Proposals should be sent via email to BPH Commissioning Producer Lisa Mallaghan:

If you wish to have an informal conversation about the role prior to applying, please contact Ben Rothera:


Deadline: Friday 31 January 2020, 5 pm

After we have received all proposals we will get in touch for a meeting if we are interested in taking your proposal further.



Context for the project

BPH exists to improve the conditions for everyone who currently, or has the ambition to, create live performance in Bradford: helping artists understand more about their audiences and how to reach them is one of the ways we will do this.

We know that there is a host of brilliant live performance work happening in Bradford, bringing huge enjoyment, benefit and pride to a diverse range of people in our City. This important reach and understanding isn’t always captured – or captured to its fullest – by traditional audience insight approaches, particularly where the organisations do not have access to a proper box office system or data capture mechanisms.

We are also aware that the understanding and knowledge that is gathered is not always useful, accessible, or readily available for other creatives in the City to inform their ideas and audience development plans.


What we want to achieve

Through working with an Audience Development Analyst/ Specialist we want to:

  • Identify what audience understanding, insight and reach data currently exists and set a benchmark for our activities
  • Demonstrate the current and potential audience reach of companies and artists currently working in Bradford
  • Develop new understanding about the diversity of audiences in the District
  • Identify models of best practice in capturing audience data for the benefit of everyone creating live performance here
  • Establish ways to embed and share real-time audience insight throughout the project

For this project they will work with the 6 BPH Consortium members and 6 other independent artists/companies based in Bradford to provide a representative sample of the size, artforms, approach and outputs currently happening here.



We are keen to work with the Analyst/ Specialist to shape and define the scope of the project and how this is delivered, however we are keen that outcomes include:

  • Gathering and presenting valuable insight and understanding of audiences in Bradford that is useful to BPH and the wider creative community
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration – ways that BPH could enable new partnerships and ways of working between artists in the City that would increase levels of engagement (this could be more people or greater depth of experience)
  • An important advocacy tool that demonstrates the impact and reach of Bradford’s creative community locally, nationally and internationally
  • Accessible, practical guidance and ways of working that artists can use today to inform and impact their audience development ambitions
  • One (or more) Audience Insight sessions – free, open to attend, presentation and discussion events that share what we have learned and introduce the guidance and ways of working
  • Recommendations of how we take this forward, what a similar project could entail in future years and how we continue to gather consistent data and insight throughout our activities to demonstrate and increase impact


What is Bradford Producing Hub?

BPH is led by 6 Bradford arts organisations (NPOs and independents) and is one of two[1] place-based pilot projects initiated by Arts Council England (ACE) that will take a radical new approach to supporting and developing artists, the creation of new work and how people engage with live performance in the places they live.

You can find out more about BPH at:


About the partners

The Consortium members are a mixture of NPOs and independents all working in the City who have a shared commitment to access, diversity and creating, supporting and championing new work.

They are:

Theatre in the Mill (Lead partner) –

Common Wealth Theatre –

Displace Yourself Theatre –

Kala Sangam –

Mind the Gap –

154 Collective –


The further 6 artists/organisations will be recruited through an open invitation process, which the Analyst/Specialist will have significant input into to selecting.

[1] The other Producing Hub is in Derby, their consortium being led by Derby Theatre: