A Neighbourhood theatre with a global reach


Theatre in the Mill is a Bradford based arts organisation committed to developing, supporting and presenting socially responsible art and performance. Part of the University of Bradford, Theatre in the Mill was opened in the heart of the campus in 1976. Today, it comprises a studio theatre, two flexible development and performance spaces, an installation space, and a temporary community-facing city centre space.

We believe in artists and audiences, in the need to create spaces that promote dialogue and art that represents the narrative of the people the city and the region. We think theatre should be a machine for empathy and should respond to the times. We believe in the need for people to see themselves represented and portrayed in contemporary culture and that we have a responsibility to be a mirror that reflects them. We believe in positive change, in striving for equality and in eradicating the thresholds to participation. We believe in making sure our offer is open to all.

Shabina Aslam

Senior Producer

Shabina is the Senior Producer. She produces the theatre's creative programme, jointly shaping the vision and ambition of Theatre in the Mill's arts provision. Her responsibilities include organizational planning, and delivering the Weekenders. She loves discussing creative ideas with artists, jointly finding solutions to their challenges and working to break down barriers to access.

Cynthia Akinyemi

Arts and Engagement Ambassador

Cynthia is a Fun/Witty and Innovative Social media influencer/Radio Host. She Loves to Create Interesting, Entertaining and Informative Contents in Social Media Spaces. She is an Art and Engagement Ambassador with the Skills and desire to connect with others through speaking and writing.

Ivan Mack

Digital Arts Technician

Ivan is the Digital Arts Technician. He provides support and advice to artists and makers on using technology in their work and identifies and explores new technologies or the adaptation of existing technologies for time-based art. His interests are in automation as part of live performance, open source and slow process technology. He is also an award-winning short film director and producer, a published stills photographer, and has appeared on BBC radio live sessions as a musician.

Oluwaseun Onikan

Arts and Engagement Ambassador

A Masters’ student in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics who loves to network and meet people, has a keen interest in Events management. Also likes to be a solution agent/provider wherever she finds herself and as an Art and Engagement Ambassador would like to further use her AI expertise to improve the experience of people visiting Theatre in the Mill (TIM),

Hélène Coelho

Arts Engagement Officer

Hélène is the Arts Engagement Officer. She is responsible for cultivating relationships with partners to create engagement opportunities in the field of arts, culture, and engagement.
She manages the communication strategy for the theatre’s programme of creative work and oversees the financial management of the theatre. Her favorite part of the role is collaborating with out-of-the-box thinkers to develop the most meaningful audience experience possible.

Josiah Eames

Arts and Engagement Ambassador

Josiah is a Film and Television Production graduate, who is currently working on his postgraduate degree in Filmmaking. He has a passion for storytelling in all of its forms, films, TV, books and theatre. He is also an avid student of the martial arts, in particular their historical and cultural aspects.

Rich Warburton

Artistic Director

Rich Warburton is Artistic Director. Alongside the rest of the team at Theatre in the Mill, he is committed to championing unheard voices and supporting artists to respond to the now and share their ideas and experiences.