A Neighbourhood theatre with a global reach


Theatre in the Mill is a Bradford based arts venue situated on the University of Bradford campus. We are committed to developing, supporting and presenting socially responsible work that reflects the environment within which we are situated. We believe in artists and audiences, in the need to create spaces that promote dialogue and art that represents the narrative of the people the city and the region.

We think theatre should be a machine for empathy and should respond to the times. We believe in the need for people to see themselves represented and portrayed in contemporary culture and that we have a responsibility to be a mirror that reflects them. We believe in positive change, in striving for equality and in eradicating the thresholds to participation. We believe in making sure our offer is open to all.

Jyothi Giles

Senior Producer

Ivan Mack

Digital Arts Technician

Helene Coelho

Helene Coelho

Arts & Marketing Coordinator

Rich Warburton

Artistic Director