A truck arrives from an unknown location loaded with a mystery shipment. As the sides roll up a strange and unstoppable process is set into motion.

Future Cargo was an outdoor work by The Place Affiliate Artist Frauke Requardt and co-conspirator David Rosenberg, and was created with longstanding collaborators, Hannah Clark (set and costume), Ben & Max Ringham (music and sound) and lighting designer Malcolm Rippeth.

Future Cargo was a sci-fi dance show performed in a 40-foot haulage truck and, like all Requardt & Rosenberg’s shows, it delivered the delicate integrity of a deeply intimate experience within a large-scale dance spectacle. Audiences experienced the strange and unstoppable process of Future Cargo through binaural headphones.

Presented as part of Bradford is #LiT, Future Cargo was hosted on the University of Bradford campus on:

  • Friday 5th November 2021, 6pm & 8.30pm
  • Saturday 6th November 2021, 6pm & 8.30pm
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This show takes place on the University of Bradford campus, in the car park next to the Richmond Building. Please report to the ticket desk next to the Richmond Building to collect your headphones.