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Lessons in Nostalgia

A stand-up game show. If you remember MSN and video game soundtracks from the 90s, then you won’t forget this show (round of applause everyone for that filthy tag line). With the country (nay, the world?) more than ever feeling nostalgic for “the good old days”, Daniel Nicholas, the ‘Prince of Peculiar’ (GreatCentral.co.uk), takes you on a journey to work out whether nostalgia is actually a good thing. Featuring a game where everyone has to pretend to be sick and gets fed Jaffa Cakes.

‘His creativity is remarkable.’ (Broadway Baby)

‘Immensely brave use of Pinter-esque silences…a dangerous comedian who keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next outrageous non sequitur.’ (The Western Gazette)

By Dan Nicholas


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28 Jul 2019


9:00 pm


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