You’re havin’ a Laff Shaff

      A comedy showcase hosted by Isma Almas

      SAT 11TH November 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Comedy Workshop Performance – You’re havin’ a Laff Shaff

TiM proudly presents a special night of stand-up comedy with some local, home-grown, fledging comedians. Don’t miss this chance to see them before they get discovered and fly off!

The women have been attending a series of workshops to sharpen their funny bones, which will be unveiled in this one-off comedy showcase. The workshops have been led by comedian Isma Almas, who will also host ‘You’re havin’ a Laff Shaff’.


This is your opportunity to see some up and coming female comedians before they make it big.

Saturday 11th 7.30pm  – 9.30pm

Theatre in the Mill, Phoenix Building North East,  Off Shearbridge Road, University of Bradford Bradford BD7 1DP (Post code for Sat Navs: BD7 1NX)

Bar available

TICKETS are £5 to reserve tickets please email

The event is for 16+ as the content and timing is not PG.

Evening Performers include:

The experience

An evenings comedy showcase with Isma Almas and attendees from her comedy workshop.

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Accessibility and Adjustments

  • Content 

The event is for 16+ as the content and timing is not PG..

  • Mobility

We have fully accessible toilets, and access to the venue via lift and ramps.

  • Hearing & Sight Impairment

There is a negative impact to non-hearing attendees. The comedy is spoken word and we do not anticipate sight impairment will be affected.

  • Neurological & Mental Health

We have a quiet room available for anyone who would like a reflective space away from the main event.


Rehearsal footage

A snippet of the group singing ahead of the sound recording sessions.

Installation Process

An overview of the installation process captured during the pre-production.

The Bell System

Ivan explains how the bell system of the installation works.

The Bell

Ding dong!


Episode 1:


episode 3:

The Bussing Out installation is open by appointment.

The installation is located in Gallery II, on the University of Bradford campus.

Please email Shabina to arrange your appointment.