As part of the BDisLIT festival


5.30PM – 9.30PM

A Garden of Light & Sound transforms the University of Bradford’s Ampitheatre

This distinctive ‘Garden of Light & Sound’ installation,

has been co-created with Muslim families who home educate their children; alongside students at Belle Vue Girls’ School and students at the University of Bradford.

Cloudsongs is platformed on the Ampitheatre, it centres around  a 30-minute audio installation and accompanying light sculptures; it features live music, koranic recitation and a rooftop lament in praise of  the Ummah, expressing Muslim spirituality as a montage of voices and affects.

 Timed performances at approximately 6pm, and between 7pm & 8pm, with continuous running of Bussing Out and VR access for Visit to Goma until 9.00pm.

On Saturday we premiere  Salt Eaters, a reimagining of a dance on Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram by Umda, a Muslim dancer drawn out of the history books of Sambar Salt Lake in Rajasthan.

Come and join us, see below for accessibility guidance and planned adjustments, feel free to contact us, if we can provide further assistance.

Crediting Artists and thanks to:

The 7 Muslim families participating in this project.

The students of Belle Vue Girls’ School and Mr. Howell.

 In collaboration with:

Hafifa Ahmed, Aicha Bhaij, Khadijah Ibrahim, Razwan ul-Huq, Shabnam Ahsan, Munaza Kulsoom.

Participating University of Bradford students:

Aisha Hussain, Faiza Mahmood, Shamim Bavani, Fateha Begum, Aksa Kowsor, Opeyemi Oyegunle.

Directed by: Shabina Aslam – Artistic Director of Theatre in the Mill.

Lukas Hornby – Lighting Designer and Production Manager
Sophie Cooper – Sound Designer
Lydia Tissier – Digital Technologist

The experience

 A two-day event showcasing three exhibitions that incorporate light and sound with live vocal performance, virtual reality and hologram technology.

Theatre in the Mill, Phoenix Building North East,  Off Shearbridge Road, University of Bradford Bradford BD7 1DP (Post code for Sat Navs: BD7 1NX)


Accessibility and Adjustments

Click here to view University of Bradford ‘How to Find’ into the City, and head to placement number 16 on map.

Click here to view University of Bradford Inclusive Campus Map.

  • Use of Equipment

This event is open to all age groups, though parts of the exhibit such as Welcome to Goma may be limited to 13+ due to the size of the bikes involved

  • Content Maturity

The timing of the event is early evening and has a teatime option for families with young children. Salt Eaters addresses themes around mature themes, though this is presented obliquely through dance, and more directly through documentary style film, some may feel it is not suitable for young children.

  • Mobility

There is a negative impact to the physical accessibility between the artworks on display at the venues Theatre in the Mill and the amphitheatre and the library, the route is stepped with no alternative ramps in place. We would mitigate this by providing information to access routes outside of campus via shearbridge road. Welcome to Goma uses stationary bikes that may be inaccessible. This will be mitigated with the provision of a chair.

  • Hearing & Sight Impairment

There is a negative impact to non-hearing attendees for the sound elements of the installation, which are a main focus. This is mitigated by providing a text score of the event. There is a negative impact to visually impaired attendees, physically and through experiencing the work. Descriptive text will be available on the website with accessibility tool reader. A tablet will be available on the day with. 

  • Neurological & Mental Health

The event has high sensory impact, which could be disorientating or overstimulating causing stress and anxiety. We will mitigate this by providing open access a calming, secluded area for contemplation.

The Workshops

Poems from Cloudsongs written by Askha Kowsor click here

Or view our Bussing Out videos below

Episode 1:


episode 3:

The Bussing Out installation is open by appointment.

The installation is located in Gallery II, on the University of Bradford campus.

Please email Shabina to arrange your appointment.