CloudSong - featured poems

Everlasting Love

The Earth expands, as I walk wandering, what a beautiful life. Surely, I have been gifted, whatever I do, wherever I go, I must not forget you.

Verily, you are always, in my thoughts, for verily my return, is to you.

You have told us, to follow the five pillars, I feel peace, feeling your presence near, in prayer in mosques, wherever I go, wherever I be, my right hand, saving me, from falling.

Animals, trees all praise you, verily you are the ever living and self sustaining, you are my first love, from the rest, helping us through life tests, you are that ray of Nur, that blinds us, all power is from you,
for verily,
my love for you is,
everlasting, everlasting, everlasting.


Stepping Stones

Stepping into the roots, I see patterns, growing out of the intricate roots, repeated patterns, are what I see, admired by the beauty, that lies deep within.

Paintings and sculptures, melt my heart, this is a stepping stone.
Acknowledging the uniqueness, of calligraphy art.
A sense of growth and life.
Floral motifs, flow around. the carpets and tiles, what a beautiful building. like waves overlapping, seeking the praises of God.
Admiring the calligraphy words, the one above is praiseworthy of all, as he stretches out his hands, embracing what he created, the stepping stone.
Into the arts of life, the arts of life, the arts of life.


The One High

Sound of the human voice touches my soul, the Athan is announced, time for prayer, time for prayer, I cleanse my body, washing my sins away, my heart rises, rays of light, shining in each spot, where I pray.
Clean fine carpets, scent of Arabian oud. Sweeps my mind, out of the bloom.
Ya Ummati, Ya Ummati, community has united.
Time for a meeting, with the one high, cameras flash, flash, chandelier has 99, geometric arts, names of God.
So, I will pray, I will strive, for a meeting, with the one high, the one high.
Poems from the Cloudsongs Podcast written by Aksa Kowsor
A woodchip brown path weaves through wildflowers and hedge growth, passes small trees, to the open space of the University of Bradford's Amphitheatre.