Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) is seeking six brilliant people, organisations or groups to each deliver a Bradford Pool: creative events that will consult with, and give voice to, a wide range of artists, audiences and communities from our District. 

We expect to commission six Pools: three for specific groups of people we wish to engage; two we are leaving open and inviting you to tell us what and with who this could be; and a final ‘Big Bradford Pool’.

Who are we looking for? Passionate people who are well connected with a particular community or group of people. People from non-arts backgrounds are welcome to apply – we are looking for people who are fantastic and creative facilitators of conversations or events, who pass their passion to others and harness positive action.  

When will the Pools happen? Ideally Jan and Feb 2020 

What is the fee?  

£1600 per Pool to cover fees, resources, space, travel and any other costs you may incur in its delivery. 

The Big Bradford Pool has a budget of £4000. 

There is additional budget to support access and marketing. 

Still have questions? Pop in for a chat on 12 November at Bread and Roses, Bradford, between 10:30 and 14:30, or contact Lisa Mallaghan through email to arrange a phone chat or Skype, (temporary email address) 

Deadline: Monday 25 November at 10am 

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What is a Bradford Pool? 

+ A Bradford Pool is a fun and creative moment, event or gathering that brings people together.  

+ It is a pooling of passions, ideas, values, experience, knowledge and resources.  

+ It is a pooling of what people want to see for live performance in our District, what people need to make it a reality and what they can       bring to help make it happen. 

+ Each Pool should be created with a spirit of sharing, community and making sure everyone there has the space and mechanisms they     need to be heard. 

+ We want every Pool to be as creative, exciting and relevant as possible to the people they are designed for, so we are asking you to tell us   how they should be delivered, to best connect with the communities you work with every day.  

+ We are really open to what a Pool should look like: how long it lasts, where it happens or how it is structured – it could be in person or   online, in a building or on the street, one single event or a number of gatherings.  

+ We are really open to who they are delivered by: artists, facilitators, experts, community organisations, collectives, groups, change-makers  and radicals.  What matters is that you: 

  • Are well-connected to a particular experience, group of people or community  
  • Understand how to create a Pool that will be enjoyable, accessible and appropriate to that group 
  • Are active listeners, passionate about creating space for everyone’s voice  
  • Have the skills and attitude to make it happen 

How many Pools will there be? 

We expect to commission six Poolsthree for specific groups of people we wish to engage; two we are leaving open and inviting you to tell us what and with who this could be; and a final ‘Big Bradford Pool’. 

Active Artists  Individual artists, companies, collectives and groups who are currently creating and sharing live performance. People who would consider themselves to be practicing, professional or having an arts career. 
Aspiring Artists  People who have an ambition for a career in the creative industries. These people may: currently have another career or responsibilities, fear financial instability, still be in study, not identify with the term ‘artist’ or haven’t had the opportunity to pursue their creative ambitions. 
Business community  People who work in the District but not in the arts sector. People who believe that creativity and live performance play a vital part in the success of towns and cities. 
Two Other Pools  You tell us: we want to hear from as wide and diverse a range of voices as possible to help understand the priorities and barriers around live performance in the District. Diversity and inclusion are central to BPH values and how we operate, we are therefore particularly interested in proposals which could reach people currently underrepresented in the arts.   
Big Bradford Pool  Hundreds of people: open to everyone and anyone to share their views together. We imagine this event may need to happen more than once, or over a number of days, to account for people accessing the city centre at different times. 

All Pools 

Are about Live Arts: BPH defines Live Arts as the creation of performance including, but not limited to, directors, writers, performers, producers, choreographers, musicians, designers and the myriad of technical roles that go into creating live performance. 

Should look forward:  We want to move away from what has gone before. Pools should focus on harnessing positivity and passion while creating an environment where people can also be open about what they need to succeed. Pools are about what people want to change and how together we can build a thriving creative community.  

Should carefully consider access:  BPH is determined that all our events are accessible and welcoming to everyone. We want to take a broad, inclusive and forward-thinking approach to access that is responsive to our communitieseveryone should be able to participate fully in all the Hub’s activities and BPH is determined to do everything possible to remove the barriers that might prevent this – whatever those barriers may be. 

There is a separate budget available for access support for the people delivering the Pools and the people taking part. So you do not need to include this in your budget, but we are keen to know that access has been considered and what you think that you and the people you work with may need.   

Should be clear on who their audiences and participants are: We want the Pools to celebrate the diversity of the District and be as representative as possible of the many communities, lifestyles, situations and experiences here – we would therefore like you to tell us how this would be reflected in the Pool you would deliver. 

We understand the importance of depth as well as breadth; and that engaging meaningfully with people takes time and a personal approach – therefore we are open to you telling us how many people your Pool will reach. However, we do wish to be clear that the reach of this activity should be such that it can reliably inform planning for BPH and we can feel confident a sufficient number of voices have been included.  

Process and how to apply 

We want to keep this process as simple as possible and don’t want you to have to spend lots of time on your proposal, so are trying to keep it as simple as we can. We are happy to receive proposals: 

  • Written (please keep to a maximum of 2 pages of A4, plus a CV if you wish) 
  • Video (No more than 5 mins – a talking head recorded on a smartphone camera is fine) 
  • Audio (as above) 
  • Any other means you think would best explain your idea 

Please make sure you tell us about: 

  • Your background and relevant experience in relation to creating a Pool  
  • Which of the types of Pool you wish to deliver, what will happen and how you will run it 
  • Where you think it could happen 
  • Who you think would be a part of it and how many people you expect to be involved 
  • What kinds of information we might find out through your Pool 
  • Your ideas for marketing and how you would make sure people take part 
  • How you would record what you find out, in a way that can be used by BPH 
  • Any support you would need from us to make it happen Supporting information: 

You are welcome to send further information that will help us understand your work or your idea, but please keep this to: 

  • 5 Photographs or images  
  • 1 additional webpage or link 

We actively encourage proposals from people who identify from backgrounds and experiences currently underrepresented in the arts (including, but not limited to: BAME, people with a disability or life limiting condition, working class, LGBT+).  We welcome artist access documents:  

Deadline: Monday 25 November at 10am 

After the deadline:  

After we have had all the proposals, we will get in touch with people whose ideas we would like to take further – at this point we will also ask you to prepare a budget for your proposal. 

We will confirm all successful proposals in December 2019 and the Pools should happen in January and early February 2020. 

Following the selection of the Pools, all of the people delivering them will be invited to a group briefing and planning session. This will be an opportunity for everyone involved to meet, find out about the other Pools and agree shared outcomes. 


Bradford Producing Hub (BPH) is one of two pilots initiated by Arts Council England (ACE) – a 3-year project that will take a fresh approach to developing and supporting live performance in the city, with new ways of making sure that everyone in Bradford can create and experience great work. 

In order to make this a reality, it is vital that we undertake real consultation with as many people as possible living and working in our City. The Bradford Pools are one important way that we hope to do this.  

There is more information about Bradford Producing Hub at: